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The Teenage Frankenstein Download Movies

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646f9e108c A desperate stranger (played by Victor Fabian) rescues Doctor Frankenstein (played by Charles Martinka) from the gallows. When the Frankenstein monster (played by Don Glut) appears, with the stranger quickly fleeing. On the strangers return, he is identifiedLawrence Talbot, who admits to the doctor that he had been saved soto help rid him of the werewolf curse. Talbot (through flashbacks) tells the doctor the tale of seeking a cure from Count Dracula (played by Gene Gronemeyer). Whilst this conversation is underway, the the Frankenstein monster enters a bling hermit's (played by Michael Salerno) hut. The hermit teaches the monster to speak. Unfortunately for the hermit, when he lights his pipe, the monster who fears fire, kills the hermit. On the monster's return to the castle, he demands that the doctor create him a friend. In fear the doctor agree. He leaves the castle and commences collecting body parts for a new creation. Finally, a new creation is made being a Teenage Frankenstein (played by Bert Ott). The new creature has the face of the previous creation). Talbot transforms into the werewolf and battles the original Frankenstein monster. Meanwhile when the Teenage Frankenstein sees his ugly reflection in a mirror, he kills the doctor and blows up the castle.
Doctor Frankenstein (played by Charles Martinka) is rescued from being hung by a desperate stranger.
Teenage Frankenstein, The (1959) <br/><br/>** 1/2 (out of 4) <br/><br/>Dr. Frankenstein is about to have a noose put around his neck for his crimes but a stranger shows up at the last minute and rescues him. It turns out this stranger is actually Larry Talbot and he wants to doctor to cure him from becoming a werewolf again. While this is going on the Monster finds himself with a blind hermit who tries to help him. This here is certainly one of the more ambitious monster movies that Glut had made up to this point. The first minute of the movie is just a very long credit sequence where we get about eight different title cards and all of them have Glut's name on them so obvious the director-writer-editor was very happy of what he created. I thought overall this was a pretty entertaining film even though parts of it started to drag. Running just over 12-minutes allows us to get quite a bit of footage in including a flashback sequence where Talbot talks about his dealings with Dracula. For the most part the monsters look good and the hermit sequence from BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is put to good use. The werewolf make up is certainly better than what we've seen previously in these Glut productions.
THE TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN is a 1958 homemade horror hit from amateur filmmaker Donald F. Glut. Once again Glut and his friends dress upvarious characters from the Universal Frankenstein films and the Wolf Man shows up for part of the story too, thanks to some quite nifty FX. Clocking at 12 minutes, this is cheap and cheerful viewing, made by an obviously enthusiastic bunch of kids who don't let lack of money or expertise put them off.

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